Valley of the Latte
Summer Camp 2017
Ke' Tungo I Kotturan CHamoru

The partners at the Valley of the latte Adventure Park situated on the banks of the Talofofo River have organized a special 2-week summer camp to share their knowledge of the CHamoru Language and Culture. The two week camp, entitled  "Ke' Tungo I Kotturan CHamoru" (Learn about the CHamoru Culture) is spearheaded by former CHamoru teacher Senot John Aguon, members of the seafaring, non-profit organization, Ulitao, and a very experienced team of hospitality professionals at the Valley of the Latte.

The goal of the two week session is to immerse participants in a true southern Guam cultural experience where they will walk the grounds of our CHamoru ancestors and experience first hand how they worked, lived, and played.


The Learning Experience will be limited to two groups of 25, as follows:

I Manhoben - Ages 8 to 10 & I Sutero yan I Sutera - Ages 11 to 13
from July 10th to July 20th.

Participants will learn:


2017 Valley of the Latte Adventure Park Summer Camp Registration Form

Hours for the camp will be 08:30 hours to 16:30 hours and include lunch Monday through Friday except noted holidays.

The two week session will be from July 10th to July 20th (closed July 21st)

There will be no sessions on Saturdays and Sundays

Cost for each session will be $350 per participant for residents and $550 for non-residents. For information and registration, email | call 1.671.789.3342.

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