Valley of the Latte Guam Summer Camp 2021

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Valley of the Latte Summer Camp 2021 Ke' Tungo I Kutturan CHamoru

The Valley of the Latte is proud to announce the return of our SUMMER CAMP - entitled "Ke' Tungo I Kutturan CHamoru" (Learn about the CHamoru Culture)!

2021 Summer Camp Starting June 7th — Reservations are Now Available!

Ages 8 to 13. Only 20 Campers will be accepted per 2-week session. Don't wait to reserve your camper's spot!

Get ready for an adventure like no other—at the Valley of the Latte's Summer Camp! In our summer adventures, campers get outside to explore habitats, discover wildlife, connect with friends, and create new memories. Led by experienced educators, campers learn about our island's history, beauty, and culture in the unique and magical setting of the Valley. Campers will have an amazing amount of fun participating in great workshops and activities throughout their 2-week camp! 

Campers will learn:

  • how to create both practical and beautifully decorative woven items from Coconut leaves, Pago Fiber, and Akgak. Campers will learn how to identify leaves for weaving, understand the differences and the different uses of each type, and connect it all with the rich cultural heritage of our people.
  • how to select, husk and prep freshly picked Coconuts for Coconut Candy making and other uses of the Coconut.
  • how to implement farming techniques, plant seeds and take home saplings, and learn how to not only prepare land for planting but also how to care for our land. Kids will also learn about the Valley's sustainable agricultural techniques, growth cycles, seasons, and soil properties.
  • how to care for the local wildlife and how to become an ally of wildlife conservation. Campers will learn about the historical and cultural significance of our island's animal life while they care for and feed the animals every day.
  • how to carefully explore the beautiful surrounding areas and leave only footprints. Campers will engage in basic hiking safety and best practices, learn about the cultural significance of the local area, and embark on guided hikes through the valley while carefully documenting their environments. An ecologically friendly tour is a great benefit after being couped up this past year.
  • how to carefully Kayak with basic kayaking safety, lessons on paddling, steering, and navigation. Campers will truly be amazed as they embark on guided tours over the calm and cool waters of the only navigable riverways on the island. 

We will be offering (5) Five 2-week sessions with a maximum of 20 Campers per group. Kids ages, 8 to 13, will be able to explore the great outdoors from June 7th to August 13th, 2021. To ensure that each group has the maximum amount of adventure, we will be dividing classes into 2 age groups: I Manhoben - Ages 8 to 10 & I Sutero yan I Sutera - Ages 11 to 13.

The safety of our campers, staff, plants, and animals continues to be our top priority. We have implemented safety protocols aligned with guidelines provided by the CDC and local Public Health Authorities. All staff and campers are required to follow the recommended guidelines. The Valley of the Latte is also Guam Safe Certified! Guam Safe Certified is the official Guam designation that says the Valley of the Latte takes care and pride in following government and industry pandemic guidelines.

Space is limited, so don't miss out on this great outdoor cultural adventure experience! 

We’re looking forward to welcoming our campers back to the great outdoors!

*Activities subject to change based on weather and other environmental conditions.
*Must book 2 weeks prior to desired Summer Camp Session.

We are Guam Safe Certified & always ready to help you enjoy your next outdoor cultural adventure!

Guam Safe Certified is the official Guam designation that says this establishment takes care and pride in following government and industry pandemic guidelines.

The Safe Travels stamp is the world’s first-ever global safety and hygiene stamp for Travel & Tourism, designed specifically to address COVID-19 and similar outbreaks. The stamp will allow travelers and other Travel & Tourism stakeholders to recognize destination authorities and companies around the world that have implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols. The global protocols were developed in collaboration with WTTC Members, leading industry associations & international organizations. They take into account the current guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

WTTC, Guam Safe Certified, Guam's safest outdoor adventure tour
Kids Kayaking at Guam Tour Summer Camp 2021

Kayaking Lessons

Safety, Paddling, Steering, and Navigation.

Kids Summer Camp Weaving Lessons

Weaving Lessons

Weaving Hats, Mats, Tools, and other decorative items.

Kids Guam Summer Camp Coconut Candy Making

Coconut Lessons

Learning all the uses of the Coconut and how to make Coconut Candy!

Carabao riding and kids summer camp animal care and wildlife conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Caring for the animals every day!

Summer Camp Hiking at Guam's Summer Camp at the Valley of the Latte

Daily Hikes

Explore the great outdoors and leave only footprints!

Farming and Sustainable Agricultural techniques at the Valley of the Latte Guam Summer Camp

Farming Activities

Learn about sustainable agricultural practices and plant your very own seeds.

Valley of the Latte delicious food at summer camp

Feed Your Adventure!

Campers will enjoy local eats with a delicious Fiesta Style Lunch plate daily.

The Details

$325 per Camper | 20 Campers per session max | Age Range 8 to 10 & 11 to 13

Daily Camp Hours

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM | Each Session is 10 Days

Session 1

June 7 to 18

Session 2

June 21 to July 2

Session 3

July 5 to July 16

Session 4

July 19 to July 30

Session 5

August 2 to August 13

Safety Procedures & Protocols

  1. Your Temperature will be checked upon signing in.
  2. Please Sanitize your hands before signing in.
  3. When possible, maintain a 6 ft. distance between yourself and others.
  4. Keep your face mask on at all times.
  5. Ensure your child's bag is complete with the items needed for the day
    1. Reuseable Water Bottle to refill and stay hydrated
    2. Sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun
    3. Snacks to keep the energy high
    4. Bring masks and extra clothes for safety
    5. Don't forget bug spray
Valley of the Latte delicious food at summer camp
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