August 3, 2015


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“Great way to learn about Chamorro culture!”

Went for the second annual Valley of the Latte festival. It was my first time, and I loved it. We took a boat to the village - there are multiple docks and they offered to let visitors out at each one. We were welcomed by men and women in native dress and island music. Carabao rides, local vendors selling food, drinks, young coconut slushy, sanahi and other jewelry, woven hats, and more. Great activity for the weekend for visitors but also those native to Guam.
Visited April 2017

“Great cultural experience”

Went here to celebrate my Daughters 10th birthday and I had one of the best days of my life. I've missed her last 8 birthdays because me and her Mother being not together and I've moved off island for better opportunities so this was a very special day for the both of us. Seeing her eyes filled with excitement and wonder throughout the whole river cruise will be forever embedded in my life. The cruise was well planned and the information given was of great value. The demonstrations were very interactive and one example showed a technique for making fire. It appeared very easy to do but apparently not. Watching people trying felt as if I was trying to teach a newborn puppy how to sit and shake hands. Impossible! I don't know how it was so easy for our guide to do it.

I'm trying to limit how much information i give out because I want you to do the cruise and find out on your own so I'll stop here.

The luscious trees along with the tropical sun set up a great afternoon as well!

One small negative thing was the parking area. If you have a car, parking is what i like to call Island style. Park wherever you want as long as you aren't blocking the road pretty much. If you aren't from Guam, i can see it being a little confusing. Best advice is to find a tree and park under it for shade. Not that many birds on island so your car will not be used as target practice for bird droppings. Tourist usually get escorted and transported here so I can see why it wasn't planned out. Its not really a major concern/issue but i had to mention it.

Visited February 2017

“Amazing Jungle River Adventure Tour ”

"BEST Historical Tour of the Chamorro Culture!"

Recently moved here to GUAM from New York City. Only information that I knew about Guam & Chamorro Culture was from books and videos. This tour really educated me about the Chamorro Culture, Guams animals and plants.

The staff and guides are very knowledgeable and friendly. They spoke multiple languages and had everyone on Tour laughing with their jokes... The river tour showed us the layout of the Talofofo River and the fishes that inhabitants the river!

Village of the Latte Park was AMAZING! The Village is kept in clean and Historical condition. I learned a lot about the different types of plants and what Chamorros used them for. Great to see the types of the local animals on the Animal Farm. The basket weaving and Fire starting presentation is unforgettable. The BBQ meal was delicious, just be careful with the Hot peppers!

THANKS again to the Staff and Guides for making this tour an AMAZING and Educational Adventure!

I would Highly recommend this tour! Just check out the pictures....

Visited March 2017


The trip was AMAZING! We saw a bunch of catfishes, crabs, pen fishes and more! Mr.Andy (the driver) he was hilarious. Pineapple Ben was really funny (I love his hair). The animals there were nice and cute (the tiny goat bit me though). On my opinion the food was okay. Next time make vegan food cuz there are vegans and my friend is. Also, y'all should serve desert! I forgot our tour guide's name but he was AWESOME! Next time make a swimming area! BTW, my name is Cyrah! I know the rate is only 5 stars but I give y'all an infinity out of 5!

Visited February 2017


“Wonderful new view of Guam”

A view uniquely different from the usual Tumon Bay and Chamorro Village. Riding upriver through jungle transported me away from the glitz of Pleasure Island..A serene riverboat ride through the jungle took me into a part of Guam I hadn't yet experience in my several years on the island. Pandanas and coconut trees surrounded us as we observed the fish and land crabs near the river. The small group thoroughly enjoyed the guides Akir and Jake who wove small gifts out of palm fronds and described our surroundings . Landing at the site of the latte stones and recreated hut we were met by locals dressed in traditional attire, or lack thereof 🙂 who welcomed us with the sound of blowing shells and Chamorro greatings. They showed us the how the homes and boats were built and where the boys learned traditional seafaring crafts. I found that the more questions I asked the more I learned so don't be afraid to ask away! We then walked a short distance through the jungle to a hut where we leaned to make fire, watched the ladies weaving and if you were on the early trip I imagine this is where you would have your meal...we were offered drinks in the shade to cool off while we tried our own luck at making fire. We then visited some animals and rode on a Carabao before our trip back down to the river in our covered river boat. There is a small waiting room/gift store at the entrance with nice pieces of art and souvenirs and refreshments while you wait for your trip. I highly encourage anyone visiting Guam and anyone, who like us, has lived here a few years, to take a trip up the river to Valley of the Latte.

Visited February 2017



We visited the Valley of the Latte Park today and it was nothing short of beautiful. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable. I would like to commend Aky Chriss for being quite the entertainer. Thank you for the fan and grasshopper woven out of coconut leaves.

Thank you again!

Visited January 2017


“Fun Tour”

It is a fun cultural tour for the family and a refreshing escape from our daily activities. The staff was very friendly. They made sure that the customers enjoyed the tour. My 1 year old daughter especially liked it. The guides interacted with all the guests and each guest received a gift made of leaves of coconut trees.

Visited January 2017


“A Touch Of True Chamarro”

What a great adventure! We took the morning tour, which I highly recommend. The crew are so accommodating and entertaining! My husband and I went with our son, daughter-in-love and grand daughter and the cruise is so inclusive of all ages! The village tour was amazing and so informative of the Chamorro culture. Thanks so much fora wonderful time!!!

The only recommendation, if there was one, was to have a better speaker system on the boat. From the very front of the boat, it can be difficult to hear the captain talking.

Visited January 2017


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