`Valley of the Latte is Guam’s most popular eco-friendly destination, providing excellent service and quality, fun-filled activities for travelers of all ages. Over the years, thousands of guests and visitors to Guam have loved exploring the heart of the island and the Talofofo and Ugum rivers with us! We take pride in being Guam’s only true eco-friendly and sustainable island extravaganza filled with all of the adventures one can imagine on land and in the waters. The valley offers a variety of safe and exciting tropical adventures for the intrepid traveler, romantic couple escape, or childhood adventure of a lifetime. It is sure to keep you returning for more.

The Valley of the Latte Adventure Park offers Guam's best tours for all ages, families, and adventurers. Guests from all over the world can experience the beauty of Guam, the wonderful people, and the amazing history and culture. Throughout the year, the Valley of the Latte offers truly entertaining and educational cultural and adventure tours in the beautiful backdrop of Southern Guam, a tropical island paradise. The Valley of the Latte also offers cultural festivals, events, and special celebrations showcasing unique experiences and substance that cannot be found or enjoyed any where else in the world.

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Upcoming Events


Advanced Ticket Sales available at the following Foody’s Locations: Agana, Micronesia Mall Intersection, Yigo, Mangilao and the new Harmon location. $20 for Adults $10 for Students, Seniors 65 and over and children 5 and below are free of charge.

On Saturday & Sunday,
April 6th & 7th, 2019
From 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Inarajan Mayor Doris Flores Lujan, Talo’fo’fo Mayor Vicente Taitague, The Guam Visitors Bureau, Jungle River Cruise LLC, Valley of the Latte LLC and Kloppenburg Enterprises, Inc. are proud to present “Valley of the Latte River Festival IV – Celebrating 30 Years of River Cruising” scheduled for April 6 and 7 at the Valley of the Latte Park on the banks of the Talo’fo’fo River.

The first, second and third annual Valley of the River Festivals were huge successes with close to 1,500 people attending the two-day events. You can view our past events at https://valleyofthelatte.com/events/

This year’s festival will feature many new activities, including a tour of our farm, the “Kontra Gadao Demonstration”, Cultural performances, Local bands, and much, much more. As in the past, local Artists, farmers and cultural performers and entertainers will be part of the celebration, offering their products, services and talents to guests who come to the Festival.

Past Events


On Friday,
June 29th, 2018
From 8:30 am - 4:00 pm



April 7th & April 8th, 2018
Tickets available starting
Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
at your local FOODY's locations.

2 Day Program of Events:

Raffle Prize Winners:


  • Lindsay Thomas
  • Ashley Taitano
  • Alain Manlangit
  • Margarita Gay
  • Emily Rosario
  • Kekoa Concepcion
  • Yan Sanchez
  • Melissa Naval
  • Jenevie Alvarez
  • Taylor Naputi
  • Michelle Bradshaw
  • Chris Seels
  • Venishia Del Rosario
  • Kenric Terrell
  • Andrew Rabena
  • Lauren Perez
  • Yvonne Whitlet
  • Jaymie Rifareal
  • Momoko Miranda
  • Chris Gravan
  • Madelenne Guzman
  • Elliot Untalan
  • Jennifer Mcgee
  • Melissa Reum
  • Dwayne Duenas
  • Carla Aguon


  • Bag, T-Shirt, Hat
  • Guam Latte Painting
  • Hand Woven Gifts
  • CSA Coupon Box
  • Gift Certificate
  • Karabao Horn Latte Necklace
  • Sinahi Necklace
  • White Stone Necklace
  • Stainless Glass Box
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • ARC PM Gift Certificates
  • 2 Karabaos (stuffed animals)
  • 2 Pigs (stuffed animals)
  • 2 Deer (stuffed animals)
  • Chamorro Legend Book Set
  • Chamorro Legend Book Set
  • Chamorro Legend Book Set
  • Chamorro Legend Book Set




At the Saddock Dock & Visitor's Center:

  • Zephyr Oil   |  Coconut Oil
  • Guam Museum Foundation Inc.   |   Photo Exhibit
  • Marbou Pohl   |   Arts & Crafts
  • Center for Island Sustainability   |   UOG Display
  • Southern Guam SWCD   |   Educational
  • Dudusgirl Apparel   |   Local Apparel
  • Justin Green   |   Jewelry
  • Jake Barnes   |   T-shirts & Stickers
  • ChamGlam Botanika   |   Locally Made Cosmetics
  • Infinite Atelier & Isla Rae   |   Artist  & Jewelry
  • Rosemun Tom   |   Mochi Bites
  • Lorzalyn Artistry   |   Face Painting & Henna
  • Kiko's Local Art & Yuri's Creation   |   Hand Made Shell Jewelry

At the Latte Dock:

  • Florence C. Torres   |   Weaving & Baskets
  • Haya Foundation   |   Traditional Healers & Amot Chamorro
  • Bubu Designs   |   Hand Made Jewelry
  • Pa'a Tao Tao Tano   |   Hand Made Craft & Jewelry
  • Makmata Tribe   |   T-Shirts & Stickers
  • Guam Bus   |   Chamorro Books
  • Vicky Sayrs   |   Artist & Painting
  • Yapese Community  & Chuukese Community   |   Weaving & Mawr Mawrs & Jewelry
  • Maria Barcinas   |   Handcrafts
  • Ulitao   |   Canoe Carving
  • Humatak Foundation   |   Humatak Historic Village Display
  • Roman Duenas   | Jewelry Maker
  • Greg Pangelinan   |   Master Carver

At the Pago Dock:

  • Ko'ko Hut   |   Chamorro Food, Soft Drinks, & Beer
  • Talofofo Village   |   Everything Banana
  • Inarajan Village   |   Weaving
  • Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle Boarding

At the Nipa Dock:

  • Farm To Table   |   Farm Fresh Produce
  • Valley of the Latte Farms   |   Farm Fresh Produce
  • Sling Guam   |   Acho Atupat - Sling Throwing
  • Ko'ko Hut   |   Chamorro Food, Soft Drinks, & Beer
  • Karetan Karabao   |   Talaya Throwing, Tuba, & Karabao
  • Fishing Concession   |   Fishing Experience
  • Farmers Co-op   |   Farm Produce
  • Eunce O'Mallan   |   Plant & Shell Bracelets


March 1st - March 31st, 2018
Mes Chamorro


July 10th - July 20th , 2017


April 1st
April 2nd, 2017


January 21st,


October 1st
2nd, 2016




17th, 2016



For more information, call 1.671.789.3342 (Main Office & Reservations Number) OR 1.671.646.1710 (General Reservations Number - Turtle Tours) 

or email info@valleyofthelatte.com .


Valley of the Latte Adventure Park Tours and Activities
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