August 14, 2015

Karabao Riding

Enjoy the view atop a Karabao.

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Come ride on a Karabao

Here's another way to get a true feel of the Valley of the Latte. No tour is complete without a short trip around the Latte site on top of a Karabao.

Karabaos were used for farming and for pulling carts. They were fairly common in Guam before the 20th century, with a population numbering in the thousands. Today, they are rare in most parts of the island.

The Karabao is considered a symbol of the island. The Karabao were brought to the island during the 1600's and have been used for transportation, plowing the fields up to the late 1960's. and a dish for special festivities. Since then, they were accepted as an 'Icon of the Chamorro Culture.' 

Today, they are mostly domestic pets (very few roaming in the wild) and are used for rides on special events and can become the happiest riding experienced of a child's life.

Woman riding on top of a Karabao. The instructor is standing near by.
A Karabao is pulling a cart; a man is in the cart.

Karabao lazily enjoy the sun and breeze as they graze on grass and as you travel around the island. You can experience the ride of your life time here. As you ride our Karabao, an experience handler will guide the Karabao to ensure safety as it is our top priority. Personal photos can be taken while riding the "Beast of Burden," a great example of the strength of our cultural traditions.

Little girl riding on top of a carabao

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