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The Valley of the Latte delivers a unique and once in a lifetime experience. As you travel along the Talofofo and Ugum Rivers, you will be transported to another time at the heart of Guam. Knowledgeable, friendly, and entertaining guides will share the rich history and culture of the Ancient Latte site, the local waters, the local wildlife, and ensure that you are smiling from start to finish. You will be welcomed by our living village, and guided through a breathtaking botanical garden and watch as canoes are hand crafted by Ulitao. The experience only gets better as our guides demonstrate how ancient Chamorros started their fires and show you traditional basket weaving techniques. The longer you are here, the more you realize, that this is the best way to experience Guam.

If the comfort of the river boat cruise is a little too pedestrian, then pick up your paddles and race Kayaks or Stand Up Paddle Boards and find new levels of adventure.

This experience includes a cruise and so much more...


While enjoying your refreshing beverages under the tropical sun, learning how to start a fire as the ancient Chamorro people did, or enjoying the basket weaving exhibitions, you can take a quick adventure atop our friendly Karabao.

Valley of the Latte prides itself in giving back to community and preserving not only the culture of Guam, but also the physical environment. Besides the work being done to create a sustainable source of organic produce at the Valley of the Latte ’s Plantation, we are currently building the Animal Sanctuary. The Sanctuary not only provides a safe haven for local wildlife to prosper, it provides a great interface for all ages to be educated about the regional life and how best to co-exist.

Ulitao is a passionate group of Guam islanders working to revive, preserve, and grow the Chamorro's ancient seafaring traditions. They skillfully craft every canoe using local resources and traditional techniques. Their home at the Valley of the Latte will provide a deeply felt experience of the living history of our island.

Valley of the Latte provides an authentic experience of Guam's culture, way of life, and living history. A part of the preservation, celebration, and exhibition of all that Guam has to offer is the daily Fire Starting & Basket Weaving Demonstrations. You will be able to walk through a living village and experience how ancient Chamorros built their homes, started fires, weaved baskets and tools, and lived off the land.

Valley of the Latte runs along the Talofofo and Ugum rivers and is enveloped in the indescribable beauty of the island. The ocean to the east, high cliff side paths, the open plantation, and hundreds of hidden spots around the land of Ancient Chamorros provide an impressive and often times breathtaking set of trails. At the heart of this beauty is a living village representing the daily lives of the people for over 4,500 years. A Botanical Garden also showcases the vegetation and fresh water spring that allowed the people to live off of the land.

Valley of the Latte Adventure Fishing is a great way for families and travelers of all ages to create life long memories at the catch-and-release sustainable fisheries.  Catch your first fish with bamboo poles and lines after learning how to bait your hooks. After an hour of fun, kids will be allowed to visit mini animal farm/petting zoo and be educated on the story of each animal.

Non-Resident with Transportation from Hotel Included:
Morning Tours (Lunch Included):
Adult: $95.00
Child: $65.00

Afternoon Tours (Lunch Not Included):
Adult: $75.00
Child: $55.00

Resident Drive Up:
Morning Tours (Lunch Included):
Adult: $45.00
Child: $30.00

Afternoon Tours (Lunch Not Included):
Adult: $35.00
Child: $20.00


Military with Transportation from Hotel Included:
Morning Tours (Lunch Included):
Adult: $55.00

Afternoon Tours (Lunch Not Included):
Adult: $40.00

Military Drive Up:
Morning Tours (Lunch Included):
Adult: $40.00

Afternoon Tours (Lunch Not Included):
Adult: $30.00




Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Adventure River Cruise:
(minimum 2 hours)


Daily Scheduled Tours: 9:00am & 2:30pm

All Morning Tours include Lunch.
Afternoon Tours Do Not Include Lunch.

Adult: 12 years and older
Child: 5-11 years old
Infant: 0-4 years old (FREE)




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