A Photography Workshop at the Valley of the Latte Guam with Victor Consaga

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A Photo Walk Tour at the Valley with Victor Consaga!

Get pro tips to taking better photos from locally renowned photographer Victor Consaga using your phone, DSLR, mirrorless, or Point & Shoot Camera. Manipulate touch focus, brightness, burst, HDR, and applications during our “photo walk” within the lush Valley of the Latte. And learn the difference between wide, normal, and telephoto lenses while utilizing camera angles, lighting, and composition to capture a picture-perfect moment. At the end of the workshop enter the Valley of the Latte Photo Contest to win great prizes!

About Victor Consaga:

Photographer Victor Consaga started his career after graduating from Western Connecticut State University in 1993 and moving to Guam in 1994. He received training through his experience while on staff at Latte magazine the Pacific Daily News. As a freelance photographer, Victor Consaga has worked professionally for Recuerdo Guam and Naoco Ginza Couture wedding companies in the tourism industry for over 10 years.  In addition to his freelance work, Consaga has been teaching photography for the University of Guam Fine Arts Department since 2009.

His recent art shows include the “Tano yan Tasi” landscapes and Seascapes exhibit at the CAHA Gallery in August 2014, for which he coordinated the work of 12 photographers and videographers. In August 2015, Consaga displayed his work at the Tumon Sands Gallery artists co-op and the GAX Guam Art Exhibit. In 2016, Victor Consage represented Guam as a delegate to the Festival of Pacific Arts and exhibited his work at the Guam Museum, Isla Center for the Arts, and the Agaña Shopping Center. The Guam Museum’s natural history display current retains several high-resolution images captured by Victor Consaga in which he captures the biomes and native species of Guam printed on panels to create a tropical jungle visual experience.

Consaga is currently operating his business, Consaga Photo Services and provides portraiture, commercial, and editorial photography services.

Photo Tips:

Learn how to take better photos using Phone, Point and Shoot, DSLR, Mirrorless.

Phone Tips:

Operating Phone: Touch Focus, Drag for Adjusting Brightness, Burst, HDR, and Apps.

Operating Your Digital Camera:

Using Shutter Speed, Iso, and Aperture to adjust exposure.


Wide, Normal, and Telephoto.

Camera Angles:

High, waist level, low, and bug's eye view.

Tips to get better Sharpness:

Using tripod, fast shutter speed, where to focus, and side lighting for detail.


Bright Sun vs. Shade, reflection, the direction of light, and highlights vs. shadows.


Framing, lines, s-curve, rule of thirds, and symmetry.

Candid vs. Directed Photos:

Demonstrations on how to work with a subject, model, or person.