Things to do in Guam this April!

We've prepared a series of Outdoor Cultural Workshops for the month of April on top of the wonderful outdoor adventure tours that operate weekly, Wednesday through Sunday!

Weaving Workshop on April 3rd

Learn to live off the land like our ancestors with a fun and creative weaving workshop that's perfect for the whole family! Guests will enjoy a boat ride to our main Latte Dock by the Ancient CHamorro Village and Latte site for an outdoor cultural workshop. Guides provide all materials and offer a unique opportunity to learn how to weave traditional tools, baskets, fans, and other beautiful items.

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Marmar Workshop on April 10th

The Marmar, or flower crown, is a statement of beauty found all across the pacific and often used for formal wear, or special occasions especially graduations or to celebrate major life events. Flower crowns can be worn by both men and women, and can vary in size, color, floral patterns, and shape. Throughout the pacific you will find different flower crowns based on the materials found in each island’s unique natural environment. In the Marianas you’ll find crowns of native ginger flowers, plumeria, and money tree leaves, these materials symbolic for beauty and prosperity. We invite you to join us this April 2021 at Valley of the Latte for our Cultural Workshops where we will be learning how to make Marmar and other traditional adornments form our cultural practitioners.

Space is limited so sign up today!

Coconut Oil & Coconut Candy Workshop on April 17th

Join us in celebrating Guam’s Culture with our coconut oil workshop and learn from our cultural practitioners of this age-old practice. The process called “Mamatika” in CHamoru was just one of the many ways Ancient CHamoru society depended on the coconut tree or trongkon niyok which is found in abundance throughout the Pacific. Coconut oil is a valuable resource that is still used today in CHamoru cuisine, bath and body products, and as medicine for numerous ailments. Attendees will also get to take home a sample bottle of coconut oil of their very own.


Treat yourself to a classic CHamoru treat and learn from our cultural practitioners how to make Coconut Candy in our Coconut Candy making workshop. Also known as Bukayu in CHamoru this all-time favorite treat is made from freshly grated coconut, caramelized sugar, and a dash of salt.  Our coconut candy-making workshop is a great introduction to CHamoru cuisine, and a delightful treat for the family to enjoy.

Learn to live off the land the CHamoru way, sign up for our cultural workshops today!

Ti Leaf Lei Workshop on April 24th

Ti Leaves are widely used across the pacific for the making of flower garlands, flower crowns, and other adornments. Often ti leaf leis are given as precious gifts to others for major life events especially school graduations. Leis are symbolic of the love one has for the bearer of these important gifts.

Family and friends take painstaking care in crafting these gifts and when bestowed upon someone these are not to be thrown away, but rather preserved to serve as a reminder to the wearer of the tremendous love and care that went into the lei’s making.

Take a cultural excursion to Valley of the Latte this coming April and learn from our cultural practitioners how to make these beautiful gifts while enjoying a safe and refreshing outdoor adventure.

Space is limited so sign up today!

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