The Sweetest Tours on Guam – グアム旅行

A Magical & Unique Venue for Photo Shoots & The Sweeter Side of the Valley of the Latte

Valley of the Latte recently held a little photo shoot for some amazing traditional practices. Featured here is the process of making delicious coconut candy! From the freshest coconut to the sweetest of end results, the coconut candy was amazing. Valley of the Latte's resident Chamoru teacher, Senot John Aguon, picked and opened up some fresh coconuts, used a Kamyu to grate the fresh coconut meat, and began cooking it all down with a little sugar and some secret ingredients.
This got us thinking about the sweeter side of the Valley and Guam's Most Outstanding Tours.
For example, did you know, since 2015, the Valley of the Latte Farms includes over 6 acres of rich volcanic soil producing some of the sweetest and freshest produce on island?
Or, did you know that from the time of planting a  slip or crown to harvest, it takes approximately 2 years. So, after planting acres of Pineapple in February of 2016, we have finally been able to harvest since May of 2018 and will continue to share delicious pineapple with our island until September of this year!

Sustainable Agricultural Practices & the Wonderful additions of Natural Windbreakers

At the core of the Valley of the Latte's mission, is the preservation and celebration of not only the culture and history of Guam, but also the land. All of our Pineapples, Mangoes, Zucchinis, Watermelons, Papayas, Peppers, Bananas, Avocados, and more, are grown with applicable sustainable agricultural practices. In order to conserve water use, we use Drip-line Irrigation and various mulching (organic, shredded paper, and plastic) practices.
We work daily to ensure that our actions support, develop, and preserve our natural environments and ecological surroundings. In addition, through our work with the National Conservation Resource Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, we have planted over 500 trees for windbreaks. Some of the natural windbreaks include Avocado, Calamansi, Mango, Coconut, and Soursop trees that add to the richness of the land and the beauty of the area.

Quick Tip: Homegrown Pineapples

@farmtotableguam with the great tip | if you save the tops of the 🍍, you can replant & grow! Another way to add some #delicious to your week. Reach out the Farm to Table, if you are interested in one of their subscription services. We proudly supply 100 - 150 pounds of fresh and delicious Pineapple to Farm To Table Guam every Monday!

FYI: Pineapples are available for purchase at the Valley of the Latte Visitor Center

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Come down to our Visitor's Center and you can purchase the freshest and tastiest Pineapples on Guam!
Wholesale price is $2.25 and it can be purchased retail, only avaialble at the Valley Visitor's Center.
Please email or call 1.671.789.3342 for more information!

Read about the special research being conducted at the Valley of the Latte Farms by UOG researchers:

Winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) Varieties for Guam Trial Conducted at the Valley of the Latte Farms, Talofofo, Guam

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