Three Perfect Days in Guam

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Three Perfect Days in Guam

3 perfect days in guam, guam's best tours, things to do on guam, discover guam, best on guam, best tours on guam

The Island of Guam is truly one of the most interesting and accessible travel destinations. A U.S. Territory that caters to more than a million visitors of all ages, from all over the world, it boasts the tag line, "Where America's Day Begins". While everyone speaks English and some keep the native language of Guam, "Chamorro", alive, there is no shortage of translators for every tongue: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and more. Wherever you hail from, you are sure to feel the warmth of the Tropical sun on white sand beaches and the warmth of the "Hafa Adai" Spirit, the local way of life that is welcoming, friendly, and makes you feel like part of a large family. Guam, a.k.a. "Guahan" should be on your travel list in 2018 if you are a weekend warrior, scuba enthusiast, cultural adventurer, foodie, shopping pro, family on the go, looking for the world's most beautiful sunsets, looking to relax like never before, and more...much much more! To be honest, 3 days might not be enough, but that will be up to you to decide.

The local population numbers to about 180,000 and you are sure to appreciate the island way of life. But, that doesn't mean it is only a tropical island paradise with spas and opportunities to relax at every corner. Don't get me wrong, it is that, a beautiful, tranquil, and amazingly relaxing destination with sunsets that rival any across this planet. It is more! World War II ship wrecks or the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana's Trench, made more famous by the recent escapades of James Cameron, provide some of the best Scuba Diving backdrops the world has to offer. First-world amenities and creature comforts are readily enjoyed from 5-star hotels (e.g. Hyatt, Dusit Thani, Hilton, Westin, the list goes on...) to luxury shopping options (Tumon Sands, Guam Premier Outlets, the Micronesia Mall, JP Superstore, and this list goes on...) along the Wakiki of the Mariana Islands, the aptly named, Pleasure Island along Tumon Bay. The list of life changing and delicious food options is even more extensive. You have the fine dining options and buffet offerings of every hotel on island, but you also have some great local fair with asian fusion twists and cultural adventures that come complete with Fiesta BBQ Island Plates (Don't forget to take a morning tour at the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park as the lunch plate often contains seasonal produce grown and harvested in the rich volcanic soil of Southern Guam just hundreds of yards from their great tours.) When on island, check out these great food options:The Kracked Egg ( for you Breakfast Enthusiasts), Kitchen Lingo (Great for a Romantic and World-Class Dinner) Pika's Cafe, PROA Restaurant, Jamaican Grill , and any number of American Brand Restaurants from Ihop to Ruby Tuesday's.

The entire Island is a crossroads of different time periods with over 4,500 years of culture on display and visible windows into the past: Spanish architectural designs throughout buildings on the island's capital of Agana, a.k.a. "Hagatna", war bunkers from the WWII battles between US and Japanese Forces along with submarine and shipwrecks waiting to be explored, and modern day American brands of stores and restaurants. There are old world cannons and fortified structures lining cultural sites of the south and Louis Vuitton and Duty Free Luxury Shopping just steps away from world-class hotels. Getting around on Guam, is really easy and you can even rent a car and drive around the entirety of the island paradise in around 3.5 hours. There are truly some one-of-a-kind scenic views to be savored. Or leave everything to a city sightseeing tour and just book here.


3 perfect days in guam, guam's best tours, things to do on guam, discover guam, best on guam, best tours on guam

Day 1 - Relax in the Sun & Sand

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Original Article: 11 Reasons Guam is the Most Exotic Destination in America

Welcome to Guam! You made it! Maybe it was a short flight from Japan (about 3 hours and 43 minutes) or a little bit longer from Hawaii (8 hours), either way, YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

If there is still some daylight to burn, food should be at the top of your list: Breakfast: The Kracked Egg, Lunch: PROA Restaurant, Dinner: Breezes Sunset Barbecue. (An Island dinner, on the beach, with fresh BBQ, and a cultural fire dance for added spice). Or maybe it's a Wednesday and you have the means to get to the Chamorro Night Market filled with food and local store vendors that comes to life with the rich excitement of music, travelers, and locals alike.

The idea for day 1 is to recharge the body with some delicious island fare and for weary travelers to recharge the mind and soul with some great views. Once you have eaten or before you are on your way to one of the aforementioned delicious local destinations, it's simple, you're checked in, you've felt the comfort of a clean room and comfy bed, and now just head to the beach! Tumon Bay has everything you will need to relax, have some fun, and enjoy great water-escapes both above and below sea level. Watercraft from pedal bikes to kayaks are available from various beach side hotel operations and you can even catch daily outriggers flying by on the open ocean. The beautiful thing about this Bay, beyond the breathtaking views, is the fact that a natural emerald lagoon is created by the reef stretching the length of the waterway. Waves crash hundreds of yards away from shore allowing for all ages to partake in every kind of water activity...It is really a fun way to start your vacation. A traveler's tip: if you meander on down to the south western side of  Tumon Bay, in front of Ypao Beach Park and the Hilton Hotel, there is a great spot for snorkeling and free diving in the Tumon Bay Preserve. You will find a dazzling flurry of colorful corals and fish just beneath the waterline waiting for new explorers. With the reef creating a natural protection against rougher waves, this is a perfect underwater escape for swimmers of all ages. Still, take precautions, life vests, lots of sun block, and maybe a quick question to locals or hotel staff about the current conditions and sea life in the area would always be advisable.

You are fed, you are sun-kissed, and now you are ready to take in a breath taking sunset. Before any dinner plans, head to Guam's Largest Beach Bar   . Here you can sit on a gorgeous wooden deck, feet away from the ebb and flow of ocean tides, and take in images of sunsets that will last a lifetime with good drinks and friends.

If you were unable to get to a dinner at the Guam Hyatt Regency's Breezes Sunset Barbecue , if it's not the Wednesday Night Market, or if you are just looking to go where the sea breeze takes you, then simply take a walk down Pleasure Island. The streets come to life after the last ray of light sets beneath the horizon and there are restaurants and shops ready for you to have some fun. But, get some rest because Day 2 is on its way.


Day 2 - Culture & Adventure

You are rested, you are hydrated, and you are waking up in Paradise. But where to now? It's time for you to immerse yourself in 4,500 years of history, culture, and the beauty of the island. Not to mention enjoy some delicious traditional Island BBQ and the freshest produce grown in the rich volcanic soil of Southern Guam. That's right it is time to take a trip to Guam's Most Outstanding Local Tourism Optional Tour 2016 and Guam's Most Outstanding Attraction 2017. Recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017 & 2018. (Disclaimer: this blog is for the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park, but please forgive any bias as the Valley was still voted the best by the people.) Just read some of the reviews!

There is no better way to enjoy another side of the island of Guam, beyond the shopping and the beach resorts, there is a culture and history that completes any vacation. Better yet, it is perfect for all ages, infants to senior citizens and it still offers some great adventures for the young at heart above the age of 12 and still young enough to grab a paddle and cruise over ancient waterways. What exactly am I talking about? The Adventure Riverboat Cruise (perfect for all) and the Adventure Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Offerings.
The Valley of the Latte Adventure Park Adventure Riverboat Cruise delivers a unique and once in a lifetime experience. As you travel along the Talofofo and Ugum Rivers, you will be transported to another time at the heart of Guam. Knowledgeable, friendly, and entertaining guides will share the rich history and culture of the Ancient Latte site, the local waters, the local wildlife, and ensure that you are smiling from start to finish. You will be welcomed by our living village, and guided through a breathtaking botanical garden and watch as canoes are hand crafted by Ulitao. The experience only gets better as our guides demonstrate how ancient Chamorros started their fires and show you traditional basket weaving techniques. The longer you are here, the more you realize, that this is the best way to experience Guam.
For those of you who are more the adventurous sort, there are the Adventure Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle Boarding options. Now you don't have to worry about transportation from the hotels as the tour comes with the option to include transportation from Guam's most reliable Tour Bus Operator, Turtle Tours. So all you would have to do is book!
If you enjoyed one of the morning tours, that comes with a truly delectable Island Fiesta BBQ Lunch Plate, then you have the afternoon & evening to make it back to the Beach Bar, or one of the countless oceanfront restaurants in Tumon Bay. Time for sunset #2!

Day 3 - City Sightseeing or Dolphin Watching

It's day 3, time for you to get out there! You've soaked up the sun and the culture, eaten delicious food, and maybe even found time for some shopping. Now it is time to go around the whole island and/or take a cruise out to sea. Wake up early for today's adventures! The first hotel pick ups for the Iruka (Dolphin) Watching Tour  begin at 7:30 am. You get to enjoy an open ocean voyage, see dolphins, and even get to jump in and snorkel with the peaceful and friendly Iruka (Dolphins). A little banana boating and some more fun cruising the open ocean and you won't be able to stop smiling. You will arrive back at your hotel between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm noon. Just enough time to grab a quick lunch in Pleasure Island before meeting up at the T-Galleria to jump on the City Sightseeing Tour. The tour meets around several of the island's best shopping venues and heads off for a wonderful tour of Guam. 

From the T-Galleria, travelers will enjoy the Paseo de Susana Park, built in the 1940s from rubble and debris left behind after World War II, the area includes Guam's main Sports Stadium, the Chamorro Night Market on Wednesdays, and the Chief Quipuha park. Your next stop is the Pacific War Museum- where war wreckage, memorabilia, photographs, and the history of the War with meticulously reconditioned pieces of both Japanese and US Military history. As you travel along the beautiful coastline, you are taken a little further back in time to Fort Apugan - a great way to get an aerial view of landmarks and everything from the Capital of Guam to the beautiful ocean. After getting a bird's eye view with an appreciation of some of the more recent historical events on the island, a good stop is the Latte Stone Park - the foundational pillars created as far back as 500 AD stand tall as you are able to walk the same grounds that the ancient Chamorros constructed these foundational structures for their homes and special buildings. Near by, and the next stop on the tour, are the Plaza de Espana and the Agana Cathedral. The Plaza De Espana - right in the heart of the island's capital (Hagatna or Agana), was the location of the Governor's Palace during the island's long period of Spanish occupation. Although most structures were destroyed during times of war, there are still beautiful architectural wonders waiting to share their stories with you. The Agana Cathedral - or the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica- dating back to the 17th century, this church was once led by the first missionary in Guam, Father San Vitores, and was completely restored following its destruction in World War II. Finally, you will reach a piece of Guam that has legendary roots- Two Lovers Point, a.k.a. Puntan Dos Amantes. Few places in the world can speak to the beliefs in devotion and love that a culture cherishes throughout the centuries. Even fewer places can accomplish this while providing breathtaking panoramic views of Tumon Bay and the Philippine Sea. Bring your loved ones to this place of love and don't forget for the romantics, bring a lock and marker. Much like the famed Pont Des Arts of Paris, lovers can write their names and secure a love that lasts forever. If you don't believe in the magic of such traditions, maybe the sunset over the horizon will provide a nudge in the right direction. After the heights of this breathtaking overlook, a comfortable return to the T-Galleria might just provide you the opportunity to try that last delicious bite, enjoy that delicious drink one more time, or pick up a uniquely charming souvenir of 3 days in paradise from many of the local shops and restaurants that fill Pleasure Island's streets.

...Day 3 is complete.

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