Things to Do on Guam This Summer

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Visiting Guam in the Summer 2017


The Summer of 2017 is upon us and there are so many things to do on Guam. To feed your need for adventure, all you have to do is head to Valley of the Latte.


We have the 2017 Valley of the Latte Summer Camp.

Participants will be given the truest experience of how the ancient Chamorros lived in a fun-filled environment complete with educational activities and delicious food. Kids will be able to learn how traditional canoes, huts, and tools were made. They will learn about the environment by taking nature hikes through the ancient lands and the Valley of the Latte Farm. The best part of this learning experience, may be the lunch that includes the freshest produce grown from those same fields. Basket weaving, ancient fire starting techniques, and traditional canoeing lessons are all just a small sample of the adventure and cultural immersion participants will get to experience. Learn more 


We have the living Chamorro Village

Welcoming guests daily as they disembark from the Adventure Riverboat, members of Ulitao, a traditional seafaring organization, greet all visitors. This is just the beginning of this adventure. Walk the ancient latte sites, see how traditional canoes were built, learn how the ancient Chamorros lived off the land as you walk through the botanical gardens, visit the animal sanctuary, and ,if you join one of our morning excursions, enjoy what may be the best Island Fiesta Plate on island. Learn more


Keep Alert, Adventure is just around the river bend

Guests are transported down ancient water ways by knowledgeable and entertaining guides. You will be introduced to the local flora and fauna while laughing your way over calm and cool waterways. If you need to get a little more adventurous while visiting the Valley, we offer guided kayaking and stand up paddle boarding tours. All you have to do is grab your closest friends or family members and book a summer adventure today. Trust us the water is great. Learn more &


We also have other ways to truly experience Guam

Let's say that you've just visited the Valley of the Latte. You were transported 4,500 years into the past and enjoyed some once-in-a-lifetime views while learning a few things atop kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Now you need a way to see the rest of the island - the City Sightseeing Tour. Now you need a way to swim with Dolphins - the Iruka (Dolphin) Watching Adventure. Now you need a way to really get into the jungle - the Eco Jungle Hiking Adventure Tour. Well, Ladies and Gents, and intrepid adventurers of all ages, we have that covered too! Just remember sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and maybe a towel depending upon your chosen adventure.It's all available and all you have to do is visit the Home Page and click on through to adventures of your choosing.  Learn more 


Valley of the Latte truly hopes to deliver the absolute best experience for everyone!

We are proud to have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor 2017 and to have been named the Most Outstanding Optional Tour on Guam 2016. It truly takes a village and we thank everyone who has chosen to spend their time with us at the Valley of the Latte. If you have yet to visit us, we look forward to welcoming you to the Valley for the first time. If we have had the pleasure of your company before, we look forward to serving you again.


Things to do in Guam, Activities to do in Guam, Visit Guam 2017, Guam in the summer
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