A week of Sustainability

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Valley of the Latte
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Sustainability Initiatives


It has been a busy week on island with the 8th Annual Regional Island Sustainability Conference.

We had a great opportunity to speak on the sustainability panel, invite folks down to the Valley of the Latte Farms, and share information about the sustainable agriculture and the importance of Eco-tourism operations for our island.

Last year, we were able to shine a light on the erosion issues the southern part of Guam is facing. This year, we are able to showcase what sustainable agriculture can do for Guam with over 1,500 Pineapples and 1,200 Watermelons on their way. The Valley of the Latte Farms has also been producing fresh eggplant, cucumber, pepper, banana, mango, green beans (a special strain is being grown and tested for additional productivity and resistance to the elements by the UOG Agricultural Extension Program), and more!

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