ChrisChels Explores Valley Of The Latte, Guam

Take a break from the beaches and shopping on Guam, stop by for a three-hour tour of Guam’s culture at the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park. It’s a chance to see the history, culture, and enjoy a BBQ lunch! Theres three tours a day with the Talafofo boat starting at 9am. Theres even a paddle board or kayak option down the Talafofo river!

We did the boat option! Got to even see some river wildlife, catfish, land crabs, and they were able to catch a huge red snapper with a plastic bottle, wire, and hook. The tour guides are really friendly and interactive. We got to ride down the river and admire the river views.

First stop was the Ancient Chamorro Latte site! There are even men dressed in tradition attire, working on Proas. The ancient Chamorros built boats called Proas used to sail across islands. (Christian got a bit shocked!) They are building one to sail from Guam to Hawaii in 2020. (by plane Guam to Hawaii is 8 hours!) They are also holding a festival of the Canoes Oct 1 and 2, 2016.

Second stop was weaving and fire station. They have a fire demonstration of how to start a fire without a lighter! This area is also where we have lunch, BBQ plate with red rice, ribs, fried eggplant (grown from their garden), and a local desert Latiya.

Last stop was the wildlife preserve. Theres a huge monitor lizard, coconut crabs, a baby deer (you can scratch its head), and a black pig (it thinks it’s a dog, give him a belly rub and it will lay down). Theres huge ponds of Tilapia fish, which is part of the adventure fishing. They told us, we haven’t been to Guam till we ride a Carabao! Theres a 700 pound carabao that will taking you on a walk. (They shampoo and condition his hair everyday, he’s very clean!)

We really enjoyed this tour. The tour guides are very friendly, and informational. Got some amazing souvenir photos, and memories to keep. We definitely recommend this tour to family and friends as you will learn the history and culture of Guam as well as enjoying amazing activities the park has to offer. Definitely be going back to try out the water activities.

You can book online, give them a call, or at your hotel on Guam.


Instagram: @ValleyoftheLatteAdventurePark


What to bring:

proper walking shoes


insect repellent

water (water and ice tea is also provided)

kayak & paddle board attire if joining those activities

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