Guam’s Valley of the Latte Adventure Park has new things to do and see.

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Make-A-Wish Visit to Valley of the Latte Adventure Park


Make-A-Wish brings girl, 3, and family on dream trip to Guam

The little girl visited Guam for the first time on a trip made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation Guam.

Most recently local businesses donated services as a contribution to making dreams come true. Three-year-old Skyli Masga and her family, from Bremerton, Washington, were greeted with open arms and true southern hospitality at the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park on July 28th. Her family was greeted at the park entrance and whisked away on their adventure river boat cruise along the Talofofo and Ugum rivers.

Skyli Masga, her father Jacob, and sister Jaelah were all smiles as they received a fruit basket to start from the Lanchon Latte Team, went for nature walks, rode the friendly Karabao, received a hand-carved paddle from Ron Acfalle, founder of the Chamorro seafaring group Ulitao at its home base, and cooled off with some delicious shaved ice at the Valley of the Latte gift shop.



A New Home for our living legends.


Our Seafaring Traditions and Ulitao

The Ulitao have found a new home at the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park.

As part of its activities, Ulitao will offer Canoe Building Sessions for a limited time starting July16 from 0900 hrs to 1100 hrs to all interested parties. Guests will board the Jungle River Boat and take a short river cruise to an ancient latte site and botanical garden where the canoe building sessions will be hosted. The cost of the two hour session will be $35 for guests 12 years and above and will include a mini fiesta box lunch. “The goal is to establish a permanent home to teach our people the seafaring ways of our ancestors, who navigated the oceans for hundreds of years and traded with its island brothers in the Pacific”, said Ron Acfalle, founder of Ulitao. “We hope to continue the work of passing this knowledge on to the next generation of seafarers who call Guam home.” “Our vision at the Valley of the Latte is to create a destination that provides an authentic historic and cultural experience” said David Tydingco, Managing Director of Valley of the Latte llc. It is an honor to have Ulitao make its home at the Valley of the Latte as it creates a living and thriving ancient Chamorro village that helps to tell the story of the evolution of our people”. For more information, call 789-3342 or email


For Our Manamko


For Our Manamko

A day for our Manamko at the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park.

On the 4th Wednesday of every month, the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park provides a great day for our manamko. Karabao rides, nature walks, farm tours, and getting their pick at the freshest grown produce on island, we hope to continue giving back to our community. The photos at the right provide a glimpse at the fun had by our Manamko from the senior center in Sinajana. For more information, call 671-789-3342 or email


In Our Communities


In Our Communities

A few months ago the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park hosted the 1st Annual Valley of the Latte River Festival. At the event, the Valley of the Latte donated funds to the villages of Inarajan and Talofofo, as well as, delivering a grand prize to one of the event attendees. 

Since then, the group has been working to provide fresh produce to the community through the development of eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods, donating to local organizations, and working to deliver the island's premier Edu-tainnment destination. Keep up to date on what's to come by emailing and signing up for our monthly email newsletter.

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