Ulitao establishes a home at the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park, Guam

will offer canoe building sessions

Talofofo River Valley: Ulitao, the non-profit seafaring organization, would like to invite the media and guests to the blessing and ribbon cutting of its new home at the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park on the Talofofo River Valley. The blessing is scheduled for July 14th, 2016, Thursday, 1:30 pm at the Ancient Latte Site and Botanical Garden on the property. Guests should arrive at 1:00 pm for the boat ride to the site.

As part of its activities, Ulitao will offer Canoe Building Sessions for a limited time starting July 16 from 0900 hrs to 1100 hrs to all interested parties. Guests will board the Jungle River Boat and take a short river cruise to an ancient latte site and botanical garden where the canoe building sessions will be hosted. The cost of the two hour session will be $35 for guests 12 and above and will include a mini fiesta box lunch.

" The goal is to establish a permanent home to teach our people the seafaring ways of our ancestors, who navigated the oceans for hundreds of years and traded with its island brothers in the Pacific", said Ron Acfalle, founder of Ulitao. "We hope to continue the work of passing this knowledge on to the next generation of seafarers who call Guam home."

"Our vision at the Valley of the Latte is to create a destination that provides an authentic historic and cultural experience" said David Tydingco, Managing Director of the Valley of the Latte, llc. It is an honor to have Ulitao make its home at the Valley of the Latte as it creates a living and thriving ancient Chamorro village that helps to tell the story of the evolution of our people".


For more information, call 789 - 3342 or email info@valleyofthelatte.com.

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