The Perfect Destination

The Perfect Destination for Any Occasion

I once read an article that tried to encompass all the intangibles that defined "The Perfect Destination".

The article proclaimed something along the lines of; a great destination is somewhere people want to live; somewhere people want to work; somewhere that is truly worth leaving your home.

When considering what the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park has to offer in the heart of the tropical paradise of Guam, you may find such a destination. The heart of the island is lush and vibrant. It's enchanting qualities surpassed only by the friendliness of locals and the warmth of the Chamorro people and culture. Millions of tourists arrive at this same conclusion every year and plan their trips to the island with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees, and adventurous tours and activities under the sun.

In particular, the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park will help you unravel 4,000 years of culture and history on an island rich in both. At the center of the 50-acre Adventure Park stands the remnants of an ancient Chamorro village surrounded by pieces of history that span the Talofofo and Ugum rivers. To bring life back into the valley, share the rich culture and beauty, and to ensure that the story of the Latte remains cherished for decades to come, the Adventure Park will continue to open new attractions, botanical gardens, and bountiful plantations over the next several years.

For those able to make the trip immediately, the need for excitement, adventure, and culture in nature will be met. The Park offers Surfing (Lessons included), Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Catch and Release fishing, cultural exhibitions for basket weaving and fire starting. For the less adventurous, tours of botanical gardens, the 23-acre plantations, small animal farms, the latte park, carabao rides, and so much more. Over the next several years, there are plans to include zip lining operations, ATV Off Road Adventure Tours, and several other activities.

Exciting things are on their way!

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